Financial Resources

Apply for financial assistance through our student and employee Child Care Assistance programs and learn about other aid offered by OSU and outside entities.

Lactation Rooms

Find a lactation room near you on campus, and read through our list of breastfeeding resources and support.


Elder Care

Read through our resources for seniors and family members who may be caring for them.

International Families

Download our Pre-Arrival Guide for Parents, and see what other resources are available on campus.

Family Resource Center Advisory Board

The Family Resource Center Advisory Board works to identify and remove barriers to student parents' academic opportunities and achievements. Check out who we are and what we do.

Community Resources

Browse through our list of community resources for financial, childcare, health and well-being and activity needs.

Parenting Resources

Resources to support you on your parenting journey.

Work Life

Resources to help you manage your work/life balance.


Our Family Friendly Campus

The Family Resource Center has partnered with the Memorial Union and our Champinefu Lodge colleagues to create two great family friendly spaces. Check them out!


Kid's Gift Closet

Is your child's birthday or a holiday/celebration coming up and giving your child a gift is important? If you could use some assistance in being able to give a gift, set up an appointment with one of the Family Resource Center (FRC) staff members and shop in our Kid's Gift Closet!


Human Services Resource Center

Human Services Resource Center provides programs and supports for low-income students.  In particular, student parents have found the following HSRC assistance programs helpful in their time at OSU: text book lending library, campus food pantry, Mealbux food assistance program and free laundry services.


FRC Connections Series

Looking to connect with others at OSU? Join in on one of our many connection series!


Office of Youth Safety & Compliance

Oregon State University is committed to offering a physically, psychologically and emotionally safe environment for all youth. To support that mission, the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance is responsible for overseeing youth policies and guidelines and ensuring accurate accounting of the youth participating in OSU programs. Safety processes and the compliance structures focus on protection of minors who are not enrolled in OSU classes, but who participating in OSU youth programs on and off campus.


Raising a Child with a Disability

We have pulled together a list of resources both local, state and nationally and included them in our Resource Guide to Raising a Child with a Disability.