FRC Connections Series

Looking to connect with others at OSU? Join in on one of our many connection series!

BABy @ OSU  Back After Baby

This event is intended for employees going out on or returning to work from bonding leave following a birth or adoption. Featured events will vary, but will include sessions addressing topics like parenting, lactation and infant feeding, self-care and wellness, and information sharing about OSU resources and programs for employee parents and caregivers. Invitations will be sent directly to employees. Please reach out to Cari Maes, [email protected] for more information. 

Winter Term 2024 Baby Shower: January 22-26    Click Here for Full Schedule of Events and More Information

Spring Term 2024 Baby Shower: stay tuned for dates and more details...

Family Resource Center Lending Resources

We have many parenting books available for you to check out. Visit us in Champinefu Lodge to checkout some of the materials!

Money Saving Tips

Having kids is expensive, find out some money saving tips for you and your family!

What is Quality Early Care & Education

Our local Resource and Referral office can help you find the right care for you and your family. They have a lot of very useful resources on their website, click here to check it out!

Understanding the Different Types of Care

There are many different kinds of child care options in Oregon and knowing the difference and how they are different can be challenging for many families. Click here to see a list of the different types of care options!

Tips for Student Parent Academic Success

  • Utilize Our Little Village to gain access to other student supports (CAPS, Academic Success Center, Legal Services, etc.)
  • Let ALL your professors know that you are a parent; they will be much more willing to work with you should something arise if they were prepared in advance
  • Continue to connect with your professors throughout the term, get THEM invested in YOUR success
  • Network with other student parents in case you need last minute babysitting.
  • Find a friend in each of your classes you can rely on for notes in case of absence.
  • Visit the Career Development Center for help preparing yourself/looking for jobs during and after college as well as help with your resume.
  • For cheaper textbook prices, check out Chegg