Corvallis Campus Lactation Resources

There are over 30 lactation rooms across the Corvallis campus, available to students, employees and visitors! We also have a Lactation Parking Permit available for nursing parents.

Portland Center Lactation Resources

The OSU Portland Center offers two wellness rooms that can be used for lactation purposes. These rooms include a sink and refrigerator. Visit the front desk if you have trouble accessing the rooms, or contact OSU Portland Center Operations at (503) 273-4301.

Resources for Everyone

OSU Support

  • Does your work or studies have you traveling away from home? OSU has an account with Milk Stork to provided parents the opportunity to pump and ship their milk home to their baby for free! To setup your account visit OSU's Milk Stork portal
  • Employees: Your PEBB Health Care Benefit covers 85% of the cost of your breast pump as "Durable Medical Equipment". For Providence covered, the pump must be obtained through Providence Home Services by calling 1-800-762-1253.
  • Students: Know your rights when it comes to breastfeeding! Title IX info here!
  • Oregon State University's "Expressing Milk in the Workplace" policy
  • BREASTFEEDING/PUMPING SIGN  Print a breastfeeding sign (Please do not disturb) and hang it up when you are using a space for breastfeeding/pumping.  If you cannot print one off, please contact Family Resource Center and we will send one to you.
  • Request a free copy of "Nursing Mother, Working Mother" from our office.


State  Support

State of Oregon Breastfeeding Law, information and support