Child Care Assistance

The Spring Term 2023 Child Care Assistance applications are available now, at this link.  They are due in person to OLV|Milne (lower level of Milne, enter in the SE corner of the building and immediately go down the stairs/elevator) by Friday, April 14th at Noon.

****If you submitted an application for Fall Term 2022 or Winter Term 2023, you do not need to complete another application for spring.  You received an email from Kristi King regarding the steps you need to complete.****

Child Care Assistance is need based and can pay a portion of your child care expenses for the term. To learn more, call or email Kristi King if you have any questions:  [email protected] or 541-737-5499.

**Students enrolled in only E-campus classes, do not qualify for the child care assistance program.**

**Students with a stay at home parent, do not qualify for the child care assistance program.**

Child Care Assistance offered through the Family Resource Center is funded through OSU Student Fees.  The assistance is separate from any other "child care" related assistance that a student may receive through the State or University such as grants/loans/subsidies, etc.  If you are a student receiving other "child care" related assistance, you may still qualify for Child Care Assistance through the Family Resource Center. 

For examples of what a complete application looks like, please visit our office or follow one of the following links: Domestic student  |  International student


**Not AVailable Currently** 2019-2020 KidSpirit ACES Scholarship for Students **NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY**  Contact the Family resource center if you have questions.

If you have already filled out a Fall Term '19 Child Care Assistance program application and would like to apply for the ACES scholarship as well, you need to fill out this application.

If you have not filled out a child care assistance program application, you will need to fill out this application.

Students that are currently registered for classes on the Corvallis campus and are Student Incidental Fee paying are eligible to apply for the KidSpirit ACES scholarship through the Family Resource Center office.  KidSpirit offers the ACES program on no-school days throughout the school year.


OSU Financial Aid: Cost of attendance revision

Through the OSU Financial Aid Office, students can request that their Cost of Attendance be revised to include their child care costs. Go to the OSU Financial Aid Forms webpage and click on the link for the "Cost of Attendance Revision".


Emergency LOANS

Business Affairs offers short term loans of up to $350.00. Only one emergency loan of any amount is allowed each term, and prior emergency loans have to be repaid before a new one will be issued. For more information visit their website.



The State of Oregon also has funds available for students to help with child care costs. For more information about the Oregon Student Child Care Grant please visit their website.



Check out the different scholarships available to student parents through the university.