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About Us


To educate, empower, and encourage international mothers on their parenting journey.


To create an encouraging community for international moms to be healthy, thriving parents. To empower international moms to make healthy and informed decisions that will impact the health and well-being of their children and whole family. To help the community and future generations appreciate diverse cultures.

What To Expect
  • Guest speakers
  • International cultural presentations
  • American cultural presentations
  • Special events


Getting involved in International Moms Group usually starts by joining our weekly meeting. From there, friendships are built and connections are made outside the group time. Cross Cultural Programs also give you an opportunity to go deeper with new American friends.

Our weekly meetings are Wednesdays 9:30-11:30am starting October 4, 2023. Our meetings have a specific focus - international moms. Please register so you can find out our location and better connect with us.

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There is a playroom available for children 5 years old and younger at our meetings. Activities and a snack will be provided. Make sure you register your children too so we know who to expect.

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Cultural Programs give you a chance to get to know Americans and American culture better. You won't regret connecting on a deeper level.

Moms Crossing International Borders 

Moms Crossing International Borders (MCIB) is a program sponsored by the International Moms Group. This program pairs international moms with American moms who have children of similar age, or mentor moms, for conversation and activities. It is an opportunity for moms and children to exchange language and culture.

International Mom Particpant Application

American Mom Participant Application

American Thanksgiving Program

The American Thanksgiving Program (APT) is a program sponsored by the International Moms Group. This program pairs international families with American host families for a Thanksgiving meal experience. It is an opportunity for families to exchange culture, traditions, and foods.





International Moms Group (affectionately known as IMG) takes pride in helping mothers gain relevant information for their health, their family, and their world. Local experts regularly share needed information in a caring, interactive format.


International mothers surely have the capacity to make a difference in their families, but we believe they can make an impact in the world as well. We provide ways for international mothers to serve and lead in many capacities, from sharing their culture at the weekly meetings to joining the IMG leadership team.


Mothers everywhere need encouragement, but even more so, mothers who are helping their families adjust to a new culture. International Moms Group seeks to ensure women feel valued and cared for in each interaction.