Department of Human Services: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program provides cash assistance to low-income families with children while they strive to become self-sufficient. The program's goal is to reduce the number of families living in poverty, through employment and community resources.

To qualify for TANF, families must have very few assets and little or no income. The current maximum monthly benefit for a family of three is $506. 


For more information on how to apply visit:


The local DHS office is located at

545 SW 2nd, Ste. B
Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone: 541-757-4201


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The following Section is related to scholarships & grants available to students with children:


For Any Student Parent

For Single Parents

(click on Catalog of OSAC Scholarships on right hand side-click set filters-in scholarship code text box type in 566)

For Female Students


Our office has taken some time to go through the daunting list of scholarships on the OSAC Scholarship website and have compiled a list of possible scholarships our student parents may be eligible for. We encourage you to visit the website for more specific scholarships pertaining to you by using the filters. For example we did not include scholarships that were restricted to certain counties in Oregon. You can also search for any of the scholarships listed below to find out more information about them. The number listed with each of them can be used in the search filter menu under scholarship code.


Student Parents/Non-traditional Students

  • Franz Stenzel M.C. & Kathryn Stenzel II (534)
  • Better A Life (must be 17-25 yrs old) (566)
  • William D. & Ruth D. Roy (409)

Graduate Students Only

  • Gregory A. Chaille Public Service  (public service major) (604)
  • Ray Kageler (must be a member of Oregon Credit Union affiliated with NW Credit Union Association) (30)
  • Oregon Scholarship Fund- Graduate Student Award Programs (903)
  • Some of the following scholarships allow graduate students to apply and will be noted

Education Majors

  • David Family (college sophomore or higher)
  • Nettie Hanselman Jaynes Memorial (college senior/5th year senior/graduate student) (115)
  • Oregon College Savings Plan Education Celebration (college senior/5th year senior) (625)
  • Harriet A Simmons (college senior/5th year senior) (38)

Art Majors

  • HB Design (college junior or higher majoring in graphic design or interactive/web design) (472)
  • Kirchoff Family Fine Arts (fine arts or graphic arts) (558)
  • Kerdragon (fine arts, graphic arts, photography) (231)

Public Health Majors

  • David Family (college sophomore and higher) (182)
  • Laurence R. Foster Memorial (111)

Business Majors

  • OACFE (college senior or higher majoring in accounting, business, criminal justice, finance, law, law enforcement, or risk management) (601)

Agriculture/Animal Science Majors

  • Willamette Valley Agriculture Association (college junior or higher in agriculture, agriculture education or animal science) (585)
  • Wild Bill Fogle Memorial (veterinary science or pre-vet studies) (542)

1st Generation College Attendees

  • Chester & Helen Luther (25 yrs or older) (577)
  • Ernest Alan & Barbara Park Meyer (community college transfer) (441)

General Scholarships

  • Chaffee Education & Training Grant (have been involved in foster care)
  • DREAM for Foster Youth (23 yrs or older, priority given to those who qualified for Chaffee Grant) (442)
  • Early Bird (submit complete application packet to OSAC by 2/15/13)
  • Wayne Morse Legacy (589)
  • IDA M. Crawford (172)
  • One World Scholarship Essay (21 and older) (474)
  • Erik Nielsen (have had 3 year gap in your education) (626)
  • Oregon Scholarship Fund- Transfer Student Award Program (902)