The Family Resource Center is excited to share this new opportunity for OSU families to connect with each other.


Find Affinity Groups

Join interest groups and connect with those that share similar academic, work and life experiences/interests.

Are you a single parent wanting to connect with other single parents about raising school age children?  Or perhaps a faculty member on the tenure track  trying to manage research, teaching and care for a toddler? Or maybe you are caring for an aging loved one and would like to build connections with others on campus in similar situations. We know how helpful it is to not feel like you are the only one, so reach out and join an established affinity group - or create your own - you are most definitely not alone!

Manage Your Work & Life

Ask questions to your peers and share child care, caregiving and community resources.

Are you wondering how people are managing the pandemic and their family's health and well-being? Are you searching for other parents to create a pod to share child care expenses and buy some uninterrupted time to work/study? Or maybe you are looking for some feedback about OSU campus child care options. Whatever questions you may have, there is a community ready to help each other and many resources to discover.

Stay on Top of Family Friendly Events

Learn about campus and community events that are family focused.

Whether it is part of the FRC Connections Series (Beaver Family Connections, ElderCare Connections, Parent Connections, etc.), a Work/Life workshop being hosted by HR, the annual Bring Your Kids to Campus Day, or the public library offering story time, stay up to date on local events for you and your family.

About Office Accord

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Questions can be directed to [email protected].
This service is available to members of the OSU community with an active ONID.
Guidelines for In-Home Care During COVID-19

Click here for guidelines put together by OSU's Center for Global Health & the Family Resource Center.

Child & Youth Care Resources OSU employees/students can create a free profile to search for local child care providers

OSU Child Care Centers- Visit the website for more information about each center

KidSpirit- Check out the various youth programming opportunities offered on campus year round

Beyond Benefits- Can assist you in finding other local child care options (center based)

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