The Family Resource Center advocates for and provides quality programming and services to all OSU families with dependent care needs to support the academic, professional and personal growth and success of the whole person.


The Family Resource Center will provide high quality programs and services to members of the campus community with dependent care needs and will advocate for and further develop programming for students, faculty and staff that enhances OSU’s work/life integration culture and initiatives.

  • Provision of programs and services in support of the whole person
  • Identification and removal of barriers for students with children to ensure equal access to campus opportunities and resources
  • Provision of programs and services that are informed by commonly accepted best practices and current research
  • Engagement in data driven, informed decision making
  • Responding to emergent faculty/staff/student needs in timely and decisive manner
  • Equal access to an undergraduate or graduate degree for all students
  • Access for all to quality and affordable dependent care
  • Reaching across campus to diverse units/departments in partnership to deliver quality programs and services
  • Outreach and education to the campus community with dependent care needs
  • Evolution and expansion of services and supports
  • A campus culture that honors the diversity of families and their needs
  • The unique contribution that families bring to the campus community