Please note that the child care providers listed are listings only and are not recommendations. We encourage you to contact the sources themselves for the most accurate information.

For more information about types of childcare, finding quality childcare, paying for child care, child care tax credits and much more, check out the State of Oregon Employment Department Child Care Division website.


***To see a map showing the locations of the following child care centers, click here.***


Child Care Centers Phone # Website
Beaver Beginnings 541-737-4641

CCC Growing Oaks

CCC Lancaster Center



Little Beavers 541-754-8899

Noah's Ark 541-753-2196

Presbyterian Preschool and Child Care Center 541-753-7752
Small World School 541-752-2868  
Zion Lutheran Child Care Center 541-758-1554
Preschool Programs    
OSU Child Development Lab       541-737-2516


Grant Ave. Baptist Preschool 541-758-0274
Ashbrook Independent School 541-766-8313
Corvallis Montessori School 541-753-2513
Old Mill Center 541-757-8068 
Waldorf School 541-758-4674
Sandcastle Preschool 541-753-7078
Good Samaritan School 541-758-1255
School Age Programming    
Kidspirit 541-737-5437
Boys and Girls Club of Corvallis 541-757-1909
Boys and Girls Club of Albany 541-926-6666
Philomath Youth Activities Club 541-929-4040