Lactation Rooms | OSU Support | State and Local Support


Oregon State University currently has 24 designated lactation rooms, most with electronic keypads**, on campus. They are located in:


Austin Hall, Rooms 189 & 405

Avery Lodge, Room 118

Covell, Room 127 (Call 541-737-3101 for special code)

Crop Science Building, Room 427 (Key Required - get from their Office on 1st floor)

Furman Hall, 4th floor near kitchen

International Living and Learning Center, Room 456a (Bathroom Annex)

Kelley Engineering, Room 3032 (Call 541-737-3101 for special code)

Kerr Admin, Rooms B078a and B218a

Kidder, Room 106 (Obtain key from Dean's Office-128)

Learning Innovation Center, Room 473

Linus Pauling, 1st Floor (Womens Shower area)

Magruder, Room 101B

Memorial Union, Room 008

Milne Hall, Room 110

Nash Hall, 1st & 5th floor Women's Restroom Annex

Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Building, Room 101a

Oxford House, Room 315

Radiation Center, Room B126a (Secured facility)

Strand Hall, Room 241a

Student Experience Center, Room 255

The Valley Library, Room 1563

Waldo, Room 449


There are also some temporary spaces that have been set up by departments on campus to be lactation rooms those can be found at:

  • Hallie Ford Center: 541-737-3673
  • Alumni Association: 541-737-7868
  • University Plaza, Room 228
  • Reed Lodge, Room 223
  • Ag Life Sciences Building, Room 2120

(Please see the parents map if you are unfamiliar with campus)

**To obtain a keypad access code for entry into the lactation rooms, contact Childcare and Family Resources, 541-737-4906.**


Nursing moms that are having their child brought to campus in order to continue breastfeeding, can check out a lactation parking permit by visit our office at 1030 SW Madison Ave, Avery 211 & 213. Contact us for more information at 541-737-4906.



Please help us keep the lactation rooms clean and in working condition by contacting us with any concerns. Thank you!

OSU Support

  • Employees: Your PEBB Health Care Benefit covers 85% of the cost of your breastpump as "Durable Medical Equipment". For Providence covered, the pump must be obtained through Providence Home Services by calling 1-800-762-1253.
  • Pick up a free copy of "Nursing Mother, Working Mother" from our office.

State and Local Support

  • Breastfeeding Classes through Samaritan Health Services:

Follow the link below to find breastfeeding classes and other classes related to pregnancy and parenting in the Corvallis area.  Most of the classes are free and some are available in Spanish.

Breast Pump Rental:

Breast pump rental and other breastfeeding supplies are available from Samaritan Medical Equipment. For more information call: Albany: 541-812-5460. Corvallis: 541-468-7500. Lebanon: 541-451-6364.

Breastfeeding Lifestyle:

Learn how to provide optimum nutrition for your baby, even after returning to work. Albany classes offered October 1st and December 3rd at 7pm for more information call: 541-812-4301. For Corvallis dates, time, and more information call 541-768-6908.

Lactation Clinic:

Nursing moms have the opportunity to consult with a lactation nurse during a breastfeeding clinic. You'll get answers to any breastfeeding questions, discuss different techniques and positioning, and help with problem solving. Call for an appointment: Albany- 541-812-5116, Corvallis-541-768-4900, or Lebanon-541-451-7177.

Lactation Line:

Call for breastfeeding support over the phone. Albany- 541-812-5116, Corvallis-541-765-5244, Lebanon-541-451-7588, or Lincoln City- 541-996-7179.